Pay What You Want Pricing

Our single patterns are sold on a pay what you want philosophy.

I believe knitters should have access to confident knitting experiences.

No matter their life situations.

No matter how many dollars are in their wallets.

I believe knitters are generous and kind-hearted people who support their favorite designers and other knitters.

I believe an honor-based pricing system can work.

If you're financially doing great...

Awesome! Pay full price for a single pattern. - For every full price pattern that is purchased, we add a pattern to the Patterns for All fund.
- Your support of our work is so appreciated. Thank you for spreading the knitting love around!

If you're in the middle...

Choose from three discounted options for single patterns:
- 25% off with coupon code ATLAS25
   ($11.25 + tax)
- 45% off with coupon code ATLAS45
   ($8.25 + tax)
- 65% off with coupon code ATLAS65
   ($5.25 + tax)

These codes are available both here and on Ravelry.

Patterns are added to our Patterns For All fund as a percentage of total sales.

If you're broke...

That's rough. Take it for free. Seriously.
If you love it and your circumstances change, consider contributing to the Patterns For All fund at a later time to keep spreading the knitting love.
- For the sake of everyone who uses the fund, please only take a pattern if you are ready to start knitting it in the upcoming 3-4 weeks. Our pattern sales volume is not super high so the fund is limited at times.
- If there are patterns available in the Patterns For All fund, grab the pattern you want (on Ravelry only!) with coupon code: PATTERNSFORALL19
- The coupon can only be used once per person, per month.
- Patterns are calculated and reloaded once a month.

Ways You Can Give That Don't Cost Moolah:
- Send a note of encouragement via email - it is SO APPRECIATED. We have a "your work is appreciated" file that we reference when we need it (when we feel overwhelmed by pattern support inquiries or receive a particularly unkind email)
- Share your Atlas Knits creations on social media with #atlasknits and give others the pattern name and a link where to buy it
- If you use Ravelry, create a project page - post photos, yarn info, and review the pattern
- Like, heart, favorite, save, comment, and otherwise engage with our posts on social media
- Subscribe to our newsletter (it's the only communication channel we own and we are guaranteed that our messages will get to you - immune to algorithm changes!)
- Encourage your LYS to reach out to us about trunk shows and classes