Test Knitters

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The Perks

Help Make Patterns Awesome
Be the knitter who forges the path and helps polish a pattern into a confusion-free, confidence-building knitting experience for knitters to come.

Real Time Chat
We use Slack to run test knits like a knitalong. Chat with the designer and other test knitters, share progress photos, and encourage each other along with real-time chatting.

Make New Friends
Test knitters often run in the same circles, and often we have repeat testers come back over and over again. It makes test knitting a bit like a virtual knit night at a local yarn store.


New test knits coming soon! :)

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Test Knitting Class


Amanda is great to work with! Her designs are well thought out and instructions clear. If you have any questions or comments, you can easily contact her through Slack, the chat tool she uses. You can also use Slack to share with fellow test knitters.